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Karrin Taylor Robson: SCOTUS makes right call halting vaccine mandates

Statement from Karrin Taylor Robson, GOP candidate for Arizona Governor

Jan. 13, 2022

“Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision blocking Joe Biden’s heavy-handed vaccine mandates is a victory for freedom and individual liberty. Arizona workers who simply want to earn a living don’t need government bureaucrats intervening in what should be a personal medical decision made by a patient in consultation with their doctor.

“The Biden-Harris administration has botched its response to the pandemic in nearly every way possible: Good luck finding a timely test. Biden-led vaccine mandates have forced good people out of jobs, including 1st responders, healthcare workers and military members. Meanwhile, more Americans are sick than ever before.

“I’m grateful to the Supreme Court for today’s decision, made possible by President Trump’s conservative nominees. With this ruling, Arizona workers are firmly back in control of their own health care.”


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