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Karrin Taylor Robson: Now is the time to go BIG

Statement from Karrin Taylor Robson regarding today’s State of the State address and kickoff of the 2022 Regular Session

Jan. 10, 2022

“The Biden administration and its progressive acolytes who lead cities across America are creating dysfunction and inaction, but there is another way. Now, Republican-led states like Arizona have an opportunity to show the American people what competent, conservative leadership looks like.             

“An unholy alliance between teachers unions, the Biden administration and progressive local leaders has closed schools across the country. Arizona can show what is possible when families have true choice in education and students and teachers are together where they belong: in the classroom.

“The Biden administration has turned our southern border into a swinging door utilized by the drug cartels to smuggle people and poison into our state. Arizona must take immediate action to restore order and safety to the border region.

“Heavy-handed vaccine mandates and shutdown orders have cost jobs and led to the dismissal of 1st-responders and healthcare workers at a time they’re needed most. Arizona should stand with workers and always side with liberty – and never again close private businesses.

“Our state faces big challenges. I urge Governor Ducey and Republican legislators to move quickly in enacting a conservative agenda for Arizona families.”


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