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Karrin Taylor Robson: Keep cameras out of Arizona classrooms

Dec. 6, 2021

“Communist China employs the world’s most sophisticated surveillance system – an unblinking army of cameras used to monitor and compile a massive digital profile against its own citizens. The reason is simple: control.

“Now, Kari Lake is following President Xi Jinping’s lead with a proposal to put a camera and microphone in every Arizona classroom. Under her plan, a child beginning kindergarten today will have accumulated well over 10,000 hours of classroom footage by the time they graduate high school. Trust me, she says, schools will destroy the footage after six months and keep it secure from hackers. Yeah, right.

“If you think school bureaucrats are too powerful now, just wait until Kari Lake arms them with the ability to assemble this kind of video profile against our kids!

“Arizona parents have legitimate concerns about what their children are being taught, and those apprehensions have too often been met with stonewalling and hostility by school officials. The former President of the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board was even connected to a dossier compiled against parents who’d been critical of the district. This outrageous conduct needs to stop. But the answer is Arizona moms and dads, not cameras. We need improved transparency of school curricula, greater parental access to the classroom and a renewed commitment on the part of school leaders – from the Boards of Education on down – to work with moms and dads as true partners in their children’s education.

“Rather than authorizing government to further surveil our kids, we should be empowering families to drop-kick the woke curricula and find a school that best meets their needs – whether public, private, charter or otherwise.”


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