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Karrin Taylor Robson: Biden appointee has violated student rights, not fit for U.S. Dept of Education

President Biden recently nominated Catherine Lhamon to be the next Assistant Secretary for  Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education. She held this role during the Obama  administration in a tenure marked by flagrant disregard for student rights and due process. 

“Having served on Arizona’s Board of Regents, perhaps no Biden nomination concerns me as  much as Lhamon’s. She has a long record of violating student free speech and due process on  campus, and her approach to enforcing Title IX led to hundreds of lawsuits alleging due process  violations – resulting in more than 150 court rulings against U.S. institutions of higher  education. Last month in committee, Lhamon could not muster a single Republican in support  of her nomination, leading to a deadlocked vote that is testament to her divisive tenure at the  U.S. Department of Education.  

“Arizona students deserve to know that the person tasked with enforcing civil rights is  committed to protecting ALL students’ rights. Lhamon has proven she is not that person, and I  call on Sens. Sinema and Kelly to oppose her nomination if it reaches the Senate floor.”


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