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Karrin Taylor Robson: Anti-2nd Amendment resolution by liberal Tucson leaders places law-abiding gun owners at-risk

Calls on Attorney General Brnovich to cite Tucson for violating state law, withhold state-shared revenue

Today, Republican and Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson issued a statement regarding a resolution by the Tucson City Council to disregard Arizona law by assisting the Biden administration in enforcing restrictive new regulations against firearms and gun owners.

“It’s clear by now that Mayor Romero and the Tucson City Council hate Arizona gun owners like me. With their latest action, these liberal extremists seek both to defy Arizona law and partner with the Biden-Harris administration in a planned crackdown on the rights of lawful gun owners in Arizona and nationwide. This is a brazen disregard of the 2nd Amendment. What part of ‘shall not infringe’ do these radical leftists not understand?

“The irresponsible actions of Mayor Romero and the Tucson Council are exactly why Arizona prohibits local governments from collaborating with the federal government in the enforcement of firearms regulations contrary to state law. I urge Attorney General Brnovich to cite the Tucson City Council for its apparent violation and withhold state-shared sales tax revenues in accordance with state law.

“As a gun owner and lifetime NRA member, I believe the 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct. As Arizona Governor, I’ll never standby while our liberties are trampled – whether by out-of- control federal bureaucrats or nanny-state local autocrats.”

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