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Gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson endorses Arizonans for Voter ID initiative

“Free, fair and honest elections are the cornerstone of our democratic republic, and it is essential that we strengthen the system so voters can have full faith in the results. I wholeheartedly endorse the Arizonans for Voter ID initiative, which will help eliminate opportunities for fraud, cheating and gamesmanship in our elections.

“The principles of Arizonans for Voter ID are common sense and quite simple: No activist group should have possession of other people’s ballots, and basic safeguards must be in place to ensure each voter is who they say they are. The radical Left will scream ‘voter suppression!,’ but I’m confident the vast majority of Arizona voters will stand with us in supporting this initiative for secure and trustworthy elections.

“I thank state Sens. Mesnard and Petersen, Reps. Hoffman and Toma, and the coalition of public policy and election integrity organizations that have come together in making the Arizonans for Voter ID initiative possible.”


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