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Frontrunner? Kari Lake posts disappointing fundraising numbers, raises half the amount of likely Democrat nominee

Statement by Karrin for Arizona spokesman Matthew Benson

Jan. 12, 2022

“Kari Lake is the ultimate paper tiger. As the self-described GOP ‘frontrunner,’ with significant built-in name ID advantage from a decades-long career in the left-wing media, Lake only managed to raise half as much as the likely Democrat nominee: Katie Hobbs. This will be a long and expensive campaign, and we know the Radical Left – armed with millions of dollars – is eying a takeover of the Arizona Capitol. Today’s underwhelming finance numbers raise real doubts about Kari Lake’s ability to raise the money needed to win.

“For months, Kari Lake has promised record-breaking finance numbers. But it’s Karrin Taylor Robson who has the resources necessary to win, conservative message and track record, and grassroots support – including nearly twice as many individual donors. As a life-long conservative, Karrin is the only candidate in this race that Arizona conservatives can trust to keep the Governor’s Office RED in 2022.”


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